TSE exe Executive Master In Global Strategic Management

Executive Master In Global Strategic Management

In order to train senior management talents with higher leadership and management ability and international vision, the University of Turku´s TSE exe has tailored this executive master’s program with ENOFAP for Asian business elites. Through this intensive one week program we develop wider frameworks to comprehend Business Strategy

– from a particular international angle and
– for feeding into managerial decision making and
– in specific response to the following central question ‘what determines success and failure of firms?

The design for this program enables the participant to develop first steps towards becoming a Business Strategist, defined as a person who is able to look at challenges from a holistic business perspective in order to make far reaching decisions that can influence the success of a business firm. As such the participant will be able to critically evaluate business in diverse institutional environments and this program will facilitate the participant to become a creative force in the development of business strategies, especially in international contexts.

Disclaimer: Concerning this program we only work directly with ENOFAP  in the Chinese market. Our programs are the ones included in our homepage.