TSE exe -partner in leadership development

TSE exe -partner in leadership development

University of Turku’s TSE exe is a professional leadership development partner for business and public organisations.

TSE exe combines research results with strong practical expertise into the useful form for companies, organisations and public sector to enhance their business competence and people development.

TSE exe plans and conducts open enrolment executive programmes and customised strategy based programmes as well as consortium programmes for executives, managers and experts.

As our customer, you choose the best leadership development approach for your company

Customised programmes for organisations

Studies in customised programmes can be converted into international academic credits (ECTS), which are applicable as parts of TSE exe programme studies.

Consortium programmes (Future Excellence FE and Business Talent Academy BTA)

Because participants represent several companies and organisations, consortium programmes increase networking possibilities,  deepen strategic thinking, futures thinking and innovativeness as well as managerial and interactive skills of participants.

A steering group representing all participating organisations secures key interest areas and focus themes to be actively implemented and followed during the programme.

Consortium programmes enforce company brand image, engage motivated employers and result in identifying key future potentials of the companies.

Flexible learning journeys

TSE exe offers  several flexible learning journeys. Anyone who has studied in a TSE exe programme has the possibility to create a personal, flexible study path to other leadership development programmes.
For further information, please contact TSE exe.

TSE exe -Community of Learners

When participating TSE exe’s executive leadership development programme, you are part of TSE exe’s Community of Learners –a community enabling collaboration, co-creation and joint sense making as well as reflection of your previous experience combined with new learnings.

Community of Learners is a facilitated process, virtual or face-to-face, which strengthens the individual learning path.

In addition to this, you become a member of both the TSE exe alumni. Networking and business events are organized every year –only for alumni.


Contact information

Hannele Järvenpää TSE exe kehitysjohtaja
Hannele Järvenpää Development Director+358 50 583 9516​ ​​