MEET! Satu Nurmi − Partnerships & Strategic Engagement


Satu Nurmi

Greetings everyone,

I’m Satu Nurmi, the International Liaison Officer at the University of Turku. In the past 10 years, I’ve been dedicated to advancing the internationalisation efforts of our university. Prior to joining the university, I spent nearly eight years at the Student Union (TYY), where I promoted student welfare, particularly from an international perspective. During my studies, I had the privilege of having an internship at the International Office of the University of Turku, which greatly broadened my understanding of international academic affairs.

In my current role, I am deeply committed to furthering the internationalisation programme of the University of Turku, with a special focus on India and Asia. Additionally, I am involved in supporting two Global Networks funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture: FAPI, focusing on Africa (Finland-Africa Platform for Innovation – SDG 9), and FCFH, centered on China (The Finland-China Food and Health Network). My daily responsibilities include a wide array of tasks, ranging from creating content for network websites and newsletters to organising university-level visits, facilitating the development of MoUs with our partners, and coordinating events.

I am part of the Partnerships and Strategic Engagement unit, which not only oversees international partnerships but also manages business collaborations, sustainable development initiatives, alumni relations, and fundraising efforts.

Thriving in multicultural environments, I enjoy speaking various languages and bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. Apart from Finland, I have lived in three other countries: USA, Spain, and Germany, and have traveled in over 40 countries. In addition to Finnish and English, I speak Spanish, German, and Swedish and try to learn Arabic in Duolingo.

Why did I join the Global South Network? Well, during my studies, I cherished the opportunity to interact with international students, and the Global South Network has provided a wonderful platform to engage with our international researchers. Understanding their work better allows me to excel in my role. Additionally, I hope to provide support to newcomers, as navigating social networks in Finland can sometimes be challenging. I have enjoyed organising ice swimming events, but I’m open to ideas on how to make the Global South Network more visible within our university, so please feel free to reach out to me!

For further cooperation, you can connect with me via LinkedIn or find me on most social media channels with the username @saturniina.

Looking forward to the collaboration!


Satu Nurmi International Liaison officer