ACTIVISM – INTERACT seminar, 5 June 2023

INTERACT biannual seminar and discussion forum:

Studying Activism. Activism in Research and Reading

5 June 2023, 13.15–17, Arcanum ARC A112 and on ZOOM (Registration links below)

Originating from the long tradition of Black feminist social movements and literature, intersectionality today is a research tool that conceptualizes multiple, relational and complex workings of power connected to factors that are relevant to our socio-cultural experience. According to Patricia Hill Collins (2016), intersectionality is both a critical inquiry and a critical practice. In this seminar we focus on intersectional practices, activism and the dialogue between academy and activism.
We warmly welcome everybody to join our biannual discussion forum for intersectionality, reading, social justice, and activism. Our project tackles the challenge of inequality by concentrating on intersectional forms of activism and their potential in increasing social justice and educational democracy.


13.15   Opening of the seminar: Marta-Laura Cenedese, Senior researcher (INTERACT)

13.20   Why affective activism? Tuula Juvonen, University of Tampere

13.50   Creating queer and multispecies Eastern European subjects: Queer-feminist literary and activist practices in Romania. Nóra Ugron, University of Turku

14.20   People of Colour in the Finnish Field of Literature. Téri Zambrano, POC -reading circle, Helsinki

14.50–15.15    COFFEE BREAK

15.15   Readers of the World, Unite: Internationalist Imaginaries in Yara Rodrigues Fowler’s There are more things(online). Leila Essa, Utrecht University

15.45     A Glance at the Shift in Iranian Women’s Agency and Movement Post-Revolution. Raha Sabet Sarvestany, University of Turku, TIAS

16.15   Reflection of Hope and Joy in Digital Platforms: A Rethinking of Disappointment in the “Woman Life Freedom” -uprising. Golnar Gishnizjani, University of Turku


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