Biannual seminar and discussion forum: Creative methods

Biannual seminar and discussion forum organized by
Intersectional Reading, Social Justice and Literary Activism (INTERACT)

Creative Methods in Anti-racist work

Monday, 22 January 2024, Calonia, University of Turku, 10.15–15.30

Originating from the long tradition of Black feminist social movements and literature, intersectionality today is a research tool that conceptualizes the multiple, relational and complex workings of power connected to factors that are relevant to our socio-cultural experience. According to Patricia Hill Collins (2016), intersectionality is both a critical inquiry and a critical practice. In this seminar series we focus on intersectional practices, activism and the dialogue between academia and activism.

In or fifth bi-annual seminar we concentrate on experiences of working with creative methods in scholarship, research, teaching, and other forms of activist work concerning anti-racism, social justice and intersectionality.

We warmly welcome everybody to join our biannual discussion forum for intersectionality, reading, social justice, and activism. Our project tackles the challenge of inequality by concentrating on intersectional forms of activism and their potential in increasing social justice and educational democracy.

The seminar is organized in hybrid form. You are all welcome to join us in person at the University of Turku, Calonia room 1006, or on ZOOM.

Please register by 20 January 2024 at the following link:

(chair: Marta-Laura Cenedese)

10.15 Opening of the seminar: Kaisa Ilmonen (PI: INTERACT, Collegium researcher, TIAS)
10.20 “Activism as a Tool for Artistic and Scientific Practice” -Project: Counterspeech, Talking Back and Researchivism in Finnish Online Communities. Jonne Arjoranta (senior lecturer, JyU), Heidi Kosonen (Postdoc-researcher, JyU), Jenna Jauhiainen (independent artist), Susi Nousiainen (Ph.D. researcher, ULapland)
11.00 Anti-racist Reading Circles. A Model for Change? Kaiju Harinen (Postdoc-researcher, UTU)
11.30 Reparative Interventions, Archive, Memory & Place. Sasha Huber (Visual artist researcher)


14.00 Challenging Collaboration Between Scholars and Artists: Experiences from a Project on Comics and Migration. Ralf Kauranen (PI: Mångfald i finländsk seriehistoria: minoriteter och självrepresentation, UTU) and Anna Vuorinne, (Postdoc-researcher, UTU)
14.40 Unsettling the Telling of Finnish Migrant History. Samira Saramo (PhD, Researcher at
Migration Institute of Finland)

End of the day 15.30


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