Posterit/Posters 2022

Postereita esitellään keskiviikkona 6.4. klo 12:30-14:00 paikassa Manu 1-4, Mauno, Biocity. Tilaisuudessa voi tutustua postereihin vapaasti ja esittää kysymyksiä Nuorille tutkijoille. Postereihin voit tutustua myös tästä alta.

Posters are being presented Wednesday, 6.4. from 12:30 to 14:00 at Manu 1-4, Mauno, Biocity. In the session, you can freely look at the posters and ask questions from our Youngs Scientists. You will find the posters below.


1.Leena Laitala – The impact of HSF1 or HSF2 knockdown on HSP90 inhibitor sensitivity in mammalian cells

4.Oskari Puro – Real-time monitoring of transcription with fluorescent light-up aptamers

20. Heli Tirkkonen – Discovery of novel antibiotics by genetic engineering of Streptomyces soil bacteria

21.Jenni Peuhkurinen – Development and optimization of a functional anthracycline biosynthetic pathway in Escherichia coli using the BioBrick technique

31. Abdula Habib – Expression, purification and characterisation of novel bacterial ADP-ribosyltransferases

37.Fanny Korpela – Improving the functionality of non-invasive prenatal screening

38.Sanni Sihvonen – Functionality of a cell free DNA-based noninvasive prenatal test –optimization of raw materials for analyzing chromosomal abnormalities

46.Iina Takala – Non-genetic rewiring of ERBB receptor expression in cancer drug tolerance 

47.Liisa Pösö – Activation mechanism of human collagen receptor integrins: Structure and function of integrin α1β1 and α2β1 i-domains

Biotekniikka DI/Biotechnology Tech.

12.Selma Salonen- Validating genetic tools and molecules preventing pathological protein aggregation in mouse neurons in culture and in vivo

13.Laura Forsman – Impact of IVD legislation renewal on the compliance of GenomEra® SARS-CoV-2 2.0 Assay kit

14.Pinja Lillrank – Sample preparation methods for an integrated diagnostic POC-system 

15.Nea Johansson – Development of GenomEra-assay for noro-, adeno- and rotaviruses 

19.Saara Östman – Utilization of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) in
mammalian cell display for therapeutic antibody discovery 

24.Vesa-Matti Veräjänkorva – The expansion of the hapten binding
antibody library 

25.Tuomas Borman – Microbiome data science workflow in application to appendicitis

26.Akseli Vainio – Developing a 3D Bioprintable Blood Vessel Model 

33.Jutta Lindfors – An ATP-based method For Monitoring the microbiological quality of the water distribution systems – the challenges and possibilities of the new method

36.Joonatan Mäkelä – Solid surface development for an ultrafast immunoassay concept

45.Jami Heino – Pancreatic cancer specific nanoparticles aided glycovariant assays

49.Katariina Kilkku – Probing of biofilms on copper under anoxic conditions considering corrosion processes

50.Päivi Järvensivu – The development of flow-through dissolution method for injectable silica-based drug delivery formulatons

51.Juhani Kalske – Sterilization of Tyvek covered medical packages with UV-C radiation

52.Leila Lukin – Development of flame spheroidization process for S53P4 bioactive glass

Solubiologia/Cell Biology

3.Joel Laino – PP2A Recruits TRIM28 on the Chromatin Leading to Transcriptional Repression through Further Deacetylation of H3K9 

32.Wille-Veikko Poikonen – Expression of BilRi-protein in Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in different conditions

34.Julia Virtanen – The effect of physical and chemical factors on the complement system and the use of the results to diagnose individuals exposed to indoor air damage

39.Josefiina Haalisto – Long non-coding RNAs regulated by super enhancers in cutaneous sqauamous cell carcinoma

40.Paula Kuuppo – A tool for detecting the ratio and localization of cancer stem cells in heterogenous cancer samples

41.Ciia Haikarainen – Notch ligand Jagged1 in preserving DNA integrity

42.Valtteri Lempinen – Modulation of Jagged1 processing by the E6 oncoprotein of Human Papillomavirus

48.Emmi Virtanen – The role of methionine 1-linked ubiquitination in colorectal cancer progression in 3D cancer models

Elintarvikekemia/Food chemistry

9.Kristiina Aarnio – Development of fast method for monitoring quality of Baltic herring

10.Nashmil Palani – Protein Extraction from Underutilized Fish Species

11.Heidi Valtanen –  Flavor and structure variation in oat porridge from cultivar-pure flakes from 2019

Food development

27.Lumi Pajunen – UHPLC Method Development for Studying the Impact of Northern Growth Latitude and Enviromental Factors on Tocopherol and Tocotrienols of Sea Buckthorn

Molecular biotechnology and diagnostics

5. Akseli Lahtinen – Cardiac troponin assay fo myocardial infraction diagnostics

6.Vilma Tiittanen – fPAPP-A as a biomarker of abnormalities during pregnancy 

7.Venla Saramäki – Development and application of anti-immune complex antibodies for the detection of aflatoxin M1  

8.Sari Maljanen – Comparison of biological and biochemical neutralization tests to detect neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 

16.Emil Koski – In vitro screening method for bispecific antibody fragments  

17.Viola Inkinen – Development of bispecific binders for fast screening and isolation of high-producing mammalian cell clones

18.Juli Udayani – Monoclonal expression and affinity characterization of anti-gelsolin Fab library produced in Expi293 mammalian suspension cells 

35.Sonja Koskela – Ultrasensitive lateral flow assays for quantitative analysis  

43.Sadie Salminen – Predictive potential of protein glycovariants for head and neck cancer therapy 

44.Neza Gregorcic – Screening and longitudinal analysis of different circulatory glycoproteins in the monitoring of Lung Cancer

Molekulaarinen kasvibiologia/Molecular plant biology

22.Samuli Pyytövaara – Photobioreactor upgrade for continuous cultivation 

29.Henna Yliluikki – Chloroplast thioredoxins affect acclimation of plants to fluctuating light 

30.Telma Kuuslampi – The impact of the degree of ripeness of an apple to the infectivity and pathogenicity of the Colletotrichum microfungi during storage

Molecular systems biology

2.Daniela Mendoza Ortiz – Characterization of novel isoform specific HSP90 inhibitors 

28.Umanga Ranasinghe Arachchige – Analysis of GNAT gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana  

53.Ifrat Tamanna – Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins in hypoxia, 3D cancer spheroids as a model 

54.Soroush Abyari – Understanding the role of LRRK2-regulated phosphoproteins on endocytosis in rotenone models of Parkinson’s Disease 

55.Fatemeh Hajati – Effects of high-fat diet-induced obesity and metabolic disorder on sperm small RNA profile and offspring phenotype in mice