Qvalidation tool

Qvalidation tool


The purpose of Qvalidation tool is to help evaluating the quality and validity of digital health solutions, such as health applications and health games.

  • Qvalidation evaluation helps developers to show the validity of their product to customers.
  • Qvalidation evaluation helps health care providers to choose high quality digital health solutions into daily use.
  • Qvalidation tool can be used as a checklist in product development.

The evaluation begins with a questionnaire that the health solution developer fill in. After filling the questionnaire the Qvalidi’s  expert read the answers, test the solution and write a report about the solution’s validity. The final Qvalidation statement can be used in product development and in marketing. For evaluated solutions we provide a digital “Qvalidi checked” stamp.

The Qvalidation tool is developed based on research and current guidelines that are concerning health applications (which are not medical devices). The questions are devided into 4 areas: health/wellness, technical features, user frendliness, and safety. The questionnaire includes 57 questions.

By ordering the Qvalidation service you will get:

  • the evaluation of the digital health solution with Qvalidation tool
  • QVALIDI STATEMENT™ report about the quality and validity of the digital health solution
  • Ideas from Qvalidi’s experts for product development
  • The digital QVALIDI CHECKED™ stamp

Ask for an offer: lotta.hamari@utu.fi