Empowering Patient Education under Cancer Chemotherapy

Principal investigator:
Kirsi Tulus, MNSc, RN, (doctoral thesis)

Helena Leino-Kilpi, PhD, RN, Professor and Chair
Sanna Salanterä, PhD, RN, Professor

The purpose this stydy: The aim of this planned study is to create an empowering patient education programme for cancer chemotherapy treatment. Patient education programme has focus in patient’s cognitive expectations and the programme is aimed to continue under the whole chemotherapy treatment. This study provides important knowledge of patient’s cognitive expectations under the whole chemotherapy treatment. This study also gives an opportunity to develop cancer patient’s patient education.

The first phase: Study started with a systematic integrative review to collect systematic information from previous studies of cancer patient’s cognitive expectations and to find out which instruments were used to study patient’s cognitive expectations.

The second phase: Interviews of patient’s and their significant others cognitive expectations and important timing for patient education.

The third phase: An questionnaire of patients cognitive expectations conducts three times under cancer chemotherapy treatment in 5 university hospitals in Finland during period of 1 year (N= 200 patients+200 significant others).

The fourth phase:  Patient education programme creates after that and it tests in focus group interviews.