Individualised nursing interventions and professionals’ competence

Nursing care and care interventions for older people need specific competence. Research in this field focus on nursing care activities executed by professional nurses and their competence in older people nursing care (gerontological nursing) and on the effects of nurse led individualised interventions on patient, nurse and organisational outcomes in the different care settings. Examples are e.g. improvement of older patients’ functional ability, fewer complications, health-related outcomes of patients and self-management.

Researchers / doctoral students:
Emilia Kielo: Graduating student nurses’ wound care competence – Development and validation of a wound care competence assessment instrument
Katja Lahtinen: Individualised care competence in older people nursing – Modelling and testing
Terhi Painilainen: Effects of rehabilitation on functional independence and self-efficacy among aged hip fracture patients; a 12-month follow-up study
Mari Pakkonen: Person-Centred Care – Development and testing of continuing education intervention for caregivers in older people long-term care
Minna Ylönen: Nursing care with patients with leg ulcers – Developing an Internet-based education programme for nurses

Researchers / master students:
Satu Huusko: Hoitohenkilöstön kompetenssi ikääntyneiden hoitotyössä
Iida-Maria Juutinen: Individualised care of people with progressive memory disorders
Sanna Pietikäinen: Näyttöön perustuvan toiminnan prosessin arviointi – mittarin validointi
Sari Venho: Kompleksisen emotionaalisen trauman toteutumaton hoito – traumapotilaan näkökulma