Services for older individuals

Giving the ageing nations and an increased burden of chronic conditions a new way of providing services for older people in Finland and other countries is under consideration and integration. There are a number of questions outstanding for this development in healthcare, such as providing person-centered, individualised care and services that best match for each care receiver, eliminate overlap, advancing people’s own efforts for self-management and independence, developing better care pathways, processes and conditions for both the care receiver and care provider nationally and internationally. Services for older individuals research focus on perceptions, functions, outcomes and continuity of nursing care and services and offer scientific knowledge for the development of service systems: Our multi-disciplinary group aims to analyse, investigate and develop knowledge and solutions for services, to be individualised, accessible, usable, targeted and user-friendly. Analysis focus on both the individual (service user, service provider) and organisational point of views.

Researchers / doctoral students:

  • Terhi Lemetti: Nurse to nurse collaboration between hospital and primary health care on older people nursing care
  • Johanna Ritvanen: Person-centered transitional care of older patients with multiple illnesses – Effects to person centeredness after changing nursing practice

Researchers / master students:

  • Hanna Kortelainen: Ympärivuorokautisen hoidon henkilöstöön liittyvä resurssien allokointi
  • Heidi Hyttinen: Nettisivuilta välittyvä tieto palvelun sisällöstä päätöksenteon edellytyksenä
  • Anniina Haimakka:
  • Katja Lustre: Sairaanhoitajan tietoon liittyvä vastuu ikääntyneen potilaan siirtyessä terveydenhuollon toimintayksiköiden välillä