Interactions among diet, microbiota and metabolism

Interactions among diet, microbiota and metabolism in advancing the health of overweight pregnant women

Overweight during pregnancy predisposes both the mother and foetus to health complications. Maternal complications include an increased risk of gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes in years to come. Both diet and human gut microbiota are known to contribute to the health by regulating the host metabolism. Although the adult gut microbiota is generally considered consolidated, external factors, such as diseases and diet, may modify the composition and activity of the gut ecosystem. It is also possible that some metabolic effects of diet are mediated through gut microbiota. In other words, diet and gut microbiota both have direct effects on metabolism and human health, but gut microbiota may also act as a metabolic link between the diet and the host health. The diet-microbiota-metabolism relationships during pregnancy are mostly unknown but may underlie the clinical health outcomes. We have explored these relations by investigating the maternal gut microbiota composition and metabolomics.