Gut microbiota health interactions

Emerging evidence relates gut microbiota composition to host health. In our study, we demonstrate that the extent of obesity relates to gut microbiota composition. In relation to specific bacteria, we demonstrated that obese pregnant women had higher abundance Prevotellaceae which may take part in lipid metabolism, compared to overweight pregnant women (Houttu et al. 2018). Regarding gestational diabetes, we found that the abundance of Ruminococcaceae during early pregnancy was higher in women who developed gestational diabetes compared to women who remained healthy (Mokkala et al. 2017).

Our study published in GUT (Mokkala et al. 2020a), reveals that supplementation with the combination of fish oil and probiotics modulate gut microbiota composition. We also demonstrate, that gut microbiota is not involved in the incidence of gestational diabetes of the overweight and obese women. In this study, we analysed early and late pregnancy fecal samples from 270 women participating in the FOPP clinical trial. For the analysis, we applied metagenomics approach, which provides detailed information on both the composition and possible function of the gut microbiota.