The University of Turku offers an internship subsidy to all undergraduate students

The University of Turku is reforming its internship subsidy system to make it more equitable and clear for students. The new system will guarantee an internship subsidy once during studies for all undergraduate students going on internships in Finland from 2022 onwards.

What is an internship subsidy?

The internship subsidy covers part of the intern’s salary costs and is paid to the internship employer. The amount of support is 1800 euros / 2-3 months internship period (check the minimum requirement of your faculty).

When a student has received an internship that requires financial support from the university, he or she can notify the faculty of the use of the subsidy. As before, the support can only be used for internships that pay a salary in accordance with Kela’s work requirement and last for at least 2 months (full-time work). The student can choose the time when the internship best fits his or her degree, unless it is precisely defined in the degree.

Students must report subsidy use in advance with an electronic form

A new electronic internship commitment form is introduced simultaneously with the new internship subsidy system. The form must be filled by the interning student, the internship organization / employer and the faculty / department. Filling the form is mandatory for all internships, whether they are subsidized by the university or not. The form can be found on the university’s intranet.

What’s new for students?

  • The support no longer needs to be applied for in advance. The support will automatically be available to undergraduate students from 2022 onwards.
  • If the employer requires traineeship support, you can report that you have the university’s internship support at your disposal.
  • The support is the same for all places, i.e. 1800 euros / 2-3 months training period
  • You notify the faculty of your use of the subsidy on an electronic internship commitment form that is completed before the internship.

Please note that the new system does not apply to clinical internships in medicine and dentistry, nor to unpaid teaching internships in teacher education.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions on the university’s intranet pages.

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