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Conference on Technology Ethics 2021 – Tethics 2021

Tethics 2021 was free, hybrid, two-day conference

Conference on Technology Ethics 2021 – Tethics 2021 – was held on 20.-22.10.2021 as a hybrid event at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland.

The proceedings of Tethics 2021 is available through link below.

Organising Committee of Tethics 2021

Jani S. Koskinen
Conference Chair

David Kreps
Conference Co-Chair

Minna M. Rantanen
Program Chair

Anne-Marie Tuikka
Organising Chair

Sari Knaapi-Junnila
Communications Chair

Program of Tethics 2021

Wednesday 20th October, 2021

18:00 Welcoming event, meeting at entrance hall of Turku School of Economics

Conference Chair Jani S. Koskinen & Conference Co-Chair David Kreps

Link to location

Thursday 21st October, 2021

All sessions and Speeches are held in LähiTapiolalecture hall, Turku School of Economics.

8:30-9:00Registration for  physical participants (Entrance hall of Turku School of Economics)
9:00-9:15Welcome speech (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Jani Koskinen
9:15-10:45Session 1  (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Chair: Minna Rantanen

9:15-9:45  Changes in Student Perceptions of Ethics of Learning Analytics due to the Pandemic” by Matias Nevaranta, Katja Lempinen and Erkki Kaila

9:45-10:15 Teaching of technology IS teaching of ethics. But how?” by Norberto Patrignani and Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

10:15-10:45 Teaching AI Ethics to Engineering Students: Reflections on Syllabus Design and Teaching Methods” by Lauri Tuovinen and Anna Rohunen

10:45-11:15Coffee Break (Mercatori)
12:15-13:15Keynote speech:Can we talk? − Field notes and suggestions for interdisciplinary dialogues, ethics, and citizen engagement” by Charles Ess (LähiTapiolalecture hall)
11:45-12:15Lunch break (change because of technical problems with keynote speech)
13:30-15:00Session 2 (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Chair: Anne-Marie Tuikka

13:30-14:00Ethical issues of health technology co-creation” by  Eva Collanus, Emilia Kielo-Viljamaa, Janne Lahtiranta and Antti Tuomisto

14:00-14:30Towards ethical and sustainable technology-supported ageing at home in Finland – KATI programme” by  Heidi Anttila, Marketta Niemelä, Minna Anttila, Satu Pekkarinen, Jaana Hallamaa and Jani Koskinen

14:30-15:00Towards a Conception of Sociotechnical Pathology” by Otto Sahlgren

15:00-15:30Coffee break (Mercatori)
15:30-16:30Special session “Presentation of ethical decision frameworks using the IFIP Code of Ethics” by Don Gotterbarn and Kai Kimppa. (LähiTapiolalecture hall)
19:30Instead of formal conference dinner an informal self-paid dinner for in-person attendees at Tårget, Linnankatu 3a, 20100 Turku (


Friday 22nd October, 2021

All sessions and Speeches are held in LähiTapiolalecture hall, Turku School of Economics.

9:30-10:00Coffee & registration (Mercatori)
10:00 -11:30Session 3 (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Chair: Salla Ponkala

10:00-10:30Attitudes towards free-to-play revenue models among Finnish gamers “ By Erno Vanhala, Sami Hyrynsalmi and Jussi Kasurinen

10:30-11:00A comparative review of climate mobilization plans” By Janne M. Korhonen and Juho Karvinen

11:00-11:30 “Policies, Principles and Technology: Ethics and Standardization through the Ethic of Systematic Coherence” by Thando Nkohla-Ramunenyiwa

11:30-12:30Lunch break
12:30-13:30Keynote speech: “Electronic Frontier Finland: 20 years of digital rights in Finland − Moments of despair and triumph” by Leena Romppainen (LähiTapiolalecture hall)
13:30-14:00Coffee break (Mercatori)
14:00-15:00Session 4 (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Chair: Jani Koskinen

14:00-14:30Civic Online Reasoning – Achilles Heel of All Analytics” by  Gopal Tadepalli

14:30-15:00Proposed additions to open source licensing that might ensure the four basic freedoms more securely” by Juhani Naskali

15:00Closing remarks (LähiTapiolalecture hall) Jani Koskinen



Keynote speakers:

Charles Ess is Professor Emeritus, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway. He works across the intersections of philosophy, computing, applied ethics, comparative philosophy and religious studies, and media studies, with emphases on research ethics, Digital Religion, virtue ethics, social robots and AI.

Ess has published extensively on ethical pluralism, culturally-variable ethical norms and communicative preferences in cross-cultural approaches to Information and Computing Ethics, and their applications to everyday digital media technologies; his Digital Media Ethics, 3rd edition, was published in early 2020.

His current work focuses on the meta-theoretical and meta-disciplinary complementarities between ethics and the social sciences, and their implications for applied ethics in ICT design and implementation, including social robots and AI. He serves as an ethics advisor to numerous research projects, including social robotics and AI , e.g., “BioMe: Existential challenges and ethical imperatives of biometric AI in everyday lifeworlds” Project (



Leena Romppainen has acted as the president of Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi) since 2018, and a board member since 2007 and a volunteer before that. She works as IT manager in a company providing managed open source cloud services.

Long-time political and human rights activist, Leena is also known for her work and participation in other political and humanitarian issues, events and organizations. She is an active member in the working group of information policy actors from all parliamentary parties. Additionally, she is also a deputy member of the Vantaa Urban Planning Board of City Planning.

Electronic Frontier Finland was founded in 2001 and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021. As the name shows, creation of the association was inspired by EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Effi covers everything and anything within the scope of digital rights. This has become a rapidly expanding scope as everything in the world goes digital. Effi has become a trusted go-to organisation for comments on legislation drafts in the parliament and for journalists wanting the civil society view on all kinds of digital topics.