Urban Geography Collective

Urban Geography Collective was founded in 2014

We are an open group of researchers mainly based in Turku. Each of us takes part in separate independent projects but, as a collective, we share important values and interests of knowledge. We are committed to supporting social justice, and agree that urban space should be open to different cultures and communities regardless of their political or economic power. Hence, many of us conduct research in the fringes of urban life and politics where there are no clear distinctions between scholars and artists, nor experts and activists. While we occasionally use quantitative and geo-located data in the background, our critical interest of knowledge leads us towards qualitative and participatory research, with a special interest on in-depth interviews, ethnography, visual methods and semiotics. Moreover, we make a serious effort to be global: our projects take place in several countries in Global North as well as Global South. Our research is a continuum of the long term interest in urban geography in Turku, initiated by emeritus professor Harri Andersson and others.

Please feel free to contact any of us for collaboration!