Venue Information

The workshop takes place at the Otaniemi Campus of Aalto University, located in Espoo city, across the western bay of Helsinki.

Monday venue:  Undergraduate Center (building #1 in map below), Otakaari 1 – Room U4
Tuesday venue:  Undergraduate Center (building #1 in map below), Otakaari 1 – Room U1
Wednesday venue: Dipoli Building (building #19 in map below) – Kaleva Room
Thursday venue: Dipoli Building (building #19 in map below) – Kaleva Room
Friday venue: Dipoli Building (building #19 in map below) – Kaleva Room


Helsinki has a strong public transport infrastructure and we encourage participants to access it at HSL website and via the HSL app (route planning and tickets).

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport: Helsinki Railway Station (city centre) can be reached by public transport train (50 min) and bus (line 615, 50 min). The fastest way to reach Aalto University by public transport is via the city centre and Helsinki metro. A taxi between the airport and Aalto University (Otaniemi) takes 30 min.

From city centre: Aalto’s Otaniemi campus is served by the “Aalto University” metro station (12min, just transfer at the Helsinki Railway Station if arriving from airport).

Tickets are available from HSL ticket machines located near the platform access escalators, from the counter at R-kioski convenience stores or from the HSL app. The public transportation system offers a journey planner service at:


The closest hotels are the Radisson Blu and Aalto Inn, located on the Otaniemi campus. There are many economic hotel options in the Helsinki city centre that are well-connected both to the Otaniemi campus and Helsinki Vantaa airport (see Rail Station and Kamppi areas). Another ideal accommodation is the Swing House in Keilaniemi (, which offers convenient rates.