A new member in the team: Welcome Rajit!

A new postdoc researcher just joined the group. Rajit Gupta arrived from India to work in the project “Evolution of landscapes, rivers and biota in Amazonia” for the next two years. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland and is carried out in collaboration with several research institutes in Europe, Brazil and USA.

Rajit will develop his research in the fields of remote sensing, broad-scale habitat mapping and species distribution modelling. The overall aim of the project is to integrate landscape history and environmental heterogeneity to derive explicit biogeographical hypotheses about the origin and distribution of taxa across the Amazonian landscape, and to test these by analysing the spatial distributions and genetic structures of several terrestrial and aquatic organism groups in parallel.

Rajit has defended his PhD in the beginning of 2023, using several remote sensing products and machine learning to map species and biomass in tropical forests of India

We are looking forward the new outcomes!