Field work in Rio Negro

In November and December 2022, some Amazon Team members went to Manaus, Brazil, for a series of activities including plant identification, lectures and collecting data along Rio Negro river and tributaries.

During the field trip, data on birds, frogs, lizards, ferns, melastomes, soil samples and geological cores were collected. Researchers, students, technicians and the boat crew members traveled upriver for 1 month in a regional boat making stops along the way to collect the data.

The trip is a part of the activities of the project CLAMBIO – Assessing the effects of past and future climate change on Amazonian biodiversity.

The project is a consortium including University of Turku, Finland (PI Hanna Tuomisto), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (PI Florian Wittmann), National Institute of Amazonian Research, Brazil,(PI Camila Ribas), University of São Paulo, Brazil (PI Cristiano Mazur Chiessi), and University of East Anglia, UK (PI Carlos Peres).



Picture credits: Kalle Ruokolainen and Gabriela Zuquim