Pilot Futures Workshop

Amazon team member and PhD researcher Marianna Ferreira-Aulu of the Finland Futures Research Center led a pilot workshop at the University of Turku (UTU), about Futures of Amazonia, focusing on the lower Rio Negro region.

The workshop is part of her Doctoral studies advised by Toni Ahqvist (UTU) and Gabriela Zuquim (UTU) and will be repeated in July 2023, in Novo AirĂ£o, Brazil, with members of the Council of Mosaic of Lower Rio Negro Conservation Units.

The workshop included discussion on the preferable and probable futures for the region and a mapping exercise of future scenarios. The participants had heterogeneous backgrounds, e.g. Participatory GIS specialists, Futures Research students and biologists.

Marianna was also collecting feedbacks from the participants, as the methods applied are innovative. Her next steps are to implement the suggestions and go to the field to apply this pioneer framework. She thanks the Brazilian Embassy in Helsinki for sponsoring coffee and snacks.