NORDIAS is a network of all the Institutes for Advanced Studies (IASs) in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It was established following the successful completion of a series of workshops entitled Beyond Advanced Studies, initiated by the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS). These workshops were funded by a grant from the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS) and were held between November 2021 and May 2022.

The workshops explored notions of interdisciplinarity, developments in research careers and the possibility of developing a “Nordic Model” of Institutes for Advanced Studies (IASs) based on a number of similarities across the Nordic countries such as highly developed welfare states, trust in public institutions and business practices, and relatively low population sizes in geographically similar locations.

While having a Nordic focus, the workshops included speakers from and were attended by researchers from across the globe. Importantly they also provided Nordic IASs with the first opportunity to meet collectively in the same space. The result was the generation of a great deal of goodwill and a clear sense of a desire for more cooperation between the Nordic IASs. It was in this spirit of collective goodwill and desire to cooperate that NORDIAS emerged.

Having being discussed at the final workshop in Turku in May 2022, NORDIAS was more formally established at a follow up meeting which was held at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) in August 2022. The founding members of NORDIAS are:

  1. Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies
  2. Danish Institute for Advanced Study, University of Southern Denmark
  3. Centre for Advanced Study at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  4. Pufendorf Indstitute for Advanced Studies
  5. Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies
  6. Turku Institute for Advanced Studies
  7. Tampere Institute for Advanced Study
  8. Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

NORDIAS is at an early stage of development, but offers the potential for a range of cooperation opportunities. These include (but are not limited to): Fellow exchanges; staff exchanges; joint funding applications; joint conferences, symposiums and other public-facing events; sharing best practice in appointing and developing Fellows; offering collective expertise and undertaking joing lobbying. It is anticipated that such work will develop in future years.

This website is under development and will be populated further as NORDIAS develops.

For more information on NORDIAS please contact Professor Martin Cloonan, Director, TIAS,

For more information on NORDIAS members please see the websites above.

NORDIAS Memorandum of Understanding

In 2024 NordIAS will launch a Fellow exchange programme. For details please contact the relevant NordIAS member.