Baltic Rim Economies 5/2022

Special issue on Construction & Reconstruction

Published on the 21st of December 2022

When Rail Baltica will be completed it will show where we chose to be

“Since 24 February we live in a completely new reality following Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine. The EU has shown immense solidarity with Ukraine from day one: politically, financially, militarily and with massive restrictive measures against Russia to reduce its capacity to wage this war. Within days of Russia launching its military aggression against Ukraine, we had imposed the largest sanctions packages of our Union’s history. The extent and weight of these sanctions are unparalleled. These measures increase the cost for Russia to carry out its inhumane military intervention and place a considerable constraint on its military capabilities. Our aim is to cut off the Kremlin’s capacity to wage war on its neighbours.”

Henrik Hololei
Director-General for Mobility and Transport
European Commission

Security implications of the Baltic Pipe Construction Project

“The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructure project aimed at creating new gas supply opportunities on the European market. It will enable the transmission of gas directly from deposits located in Norway to Denmark and Poland, as well as to customers in the neighboring countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Baltic Pipe will also enable bi-directional gas transmission from Poland to Denmark.”

Andrzej Fałkowski
Dr., Lt. Gen. (Ret.), Former Deputy Chief of General Staff (DCHoD) of the Polish Armed Forces

Senior Fellow
Casimir Pulaski Foundation

The Russian invasion war will not collapse the Finnish economy, but it revealed weaknesses

“The Finnish economy was in good shape at the beginning of this year. However, the full picture of the economy changed once again when Russia began their attack on Ukraine. The economy is still growing at a good pace this year, thanks to the strong performance last year and at the beginning of this year. Next year, the growth forecasts are on both sides of zero.”

Aleksi Randell
Director General and CEO
Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

Finnish construction export changes its form

“Last fall, I sat for the second time on the jury, which selects a construction project completed or to be completed during the current year as the building project of the year. Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, RIL ry. awards the annual RIL award to the construction work, site or concept that best represents high-class, high-quality and innovative Finnish civil engineering skills. The award was solemnly handed out at Helsinki’s Säätytalo on November 24, and MP Elina Valtonen, who acted as the chief judge, announced Espoo’s Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant as the winner of the RIL award. Overall, it is rightly said to be the most significant public sector investment for decades to protect Baltic Sea’s environment. It was noteworthy in the distribution of the awards that an honorable mention was given to the spectacular bridge with its arched pylons over the Saigon River built in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and designed in Finland. The award was a recognition of Finnish export of construction know-how and design in 2022.”

Kimmo Lundén
Business Reporter, M.Sc. (Economics)
Newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

Baltic Rim Economies 5/2022 includes the following Expert articles

Jaakko Lehtovirta: Finland and Ukraine’s Reconstruction

Petri Vuorio: Vertical wood: Sustainable re-building in Ukraine

Tommi Tuomi: Vertical wood: Sustainable re-building in Ukraine

Antti Schönberg & Maria Mogylnyk: How can the Turku region of Finland contribute to rebuilding Ukraine?

Aapo Cederberg: The cyber war in Ukraine

Marco Francini, Rasmus Lauridsen, Jaani Pietikäinen & Liisa Raasakka: The Baltic Sea: A shared responsibility

Henrik Hololei: When Rail Baltica will be completed it will show where we chose to be

Andrzej Fałkowski: Security implications of the Baltic Pipe Construction Project

Kustaa Valtonen: The future of Finland is well connected

Martti Kiisa & Karin Lellep: Timber as a modern construction material

Afonso Brito: Tackling Europe’s maintenance deficit

Liv Kari Skudal Hansteen: The state of the public built environment in Norway

Thomas Sattich & Stella Huang: Grey or green?: Cement and sustainability in Germany, Poland, and Norway

Jukka Viitanen: Infrastructure as driver of a sustainable society

Aleksi Randell: The Russian invasion war will not collapse the Finnish economy, but it revealed weaknesses

Harri Haapasalo: Constraints of innovations in the Finnish construction industry

Timo Makkonen: Digitalisation is a necessity for improving productivity in the construction

Teemu Vehmaskoski: New era for the construction industry

Kaisa Pirkola & Petri Heino: Promotion of wood construction in Finland

Miikka Kotilainen & Mari Kotilainen: From wood waste into wood art

Kimmo Lundén: Finnish construction export changes its form

Mirva Levomäki, Aki Artimo & Björn Grönholm: Resilience of regional water services

Finn Mortensen: How cities enable Denmark’s green transition

Mantas Makulavicius: Mineral materials and aggregates in the Baltics

Alari Purju: Perspectives of the Estonian construction sector

Joonas Vänto: Energy infrastructure innovation from Estonia

Olga Feldmane: The diverse role of the construction industry in economic development of Latvia

Ivi Anna Buce: Mission Latvia: An alternative for investments in Asia

Laura Tupėnaitė: Residential construction development in Lithuania

Nikita Lisitsyn: Construction sector in St. Petersburg: On the verge of a crisis

Laura Sariola: Wise methods for reducing CO2 in construction

Miisa Tähkänen: Optimizing the whole life carbon of buildings

Maila Herva & Elina Ruoho: Should we calculate carbon handprint alongside carbon footprint?

Jere Oksanen: Geothermal energy is an effective way to achieve climate targets

Martins Vilnitis: Sustainable construction: Dream or reality

Nani Pajunen & Jessica Karhu: The built environment sector is ready to take a step towards carbon neutral circular economy society 

Mayara Regina Munaro: Circular economy: The way to sustainable buildings

André Stephan: A circular construction sector: Mirage or reality?

Antti H. Niemi: Mathematics of construction from Enlightenment to present

Rami Abdul hadi: Use of drone technology in construction projects

Kalervo Väänänen: Recycling is a key to the sustainable marine ecology and economy