Assoc. Prof. Andreas Wieland: Blog on Supply Chain Management Research

Andreas Wieland, Copenhagen Business School

Since 2011, Dr. Wieland has maintained a blog site  Supply Chain Management Research targeted for academics and managers. The most recent posts concern the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on supply chains and supply chain management.


Let us not go back to normal

In this blog text, dated 18 April 2020, Wieland addresses questions such as the ones below:

“What is ‘normality’ and is it desirable?”; “Should we really turn to cost reduction and just-in-time processes again?”


Supply Chain Resilience and COVID-19

In this video, dated 18 March 2020, Wieland is interviewed by Maria Villablanca from Futures Insights Network about supply chain resilience and risk management, the impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain, and how supply chain functions have developed and are likely to develop in the future.

Access the video here.


Assoc. Prof. Andreas Wieland

Andreas Wieland is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Copenhagen Business School, where he is the Program Director of the Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management. His current research focuses on resilient supply networks, and has studied best practices of SC risk management in companies that are leading in this area.

Wieland is the European Co-Editor of the Journal of Business Logistics and Co-Chair of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ (CSCMP) European Research Seminar. He is also the editor of the blog

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