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Professor of Logistics Lauri Ojala with a team of Operations & Supply Chain Management experts of the Turku School of Economics (University of Turku) provide this service for you in the public domain in cooperation with EU funded projects ResQU2 and OIL SPILL.

Dr. Lauri Ojala (lauri.ojala@utu.fi) is Professor of Logistics at the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku (FI) since 1997. CEO of logscale oy, a supply chain compliance consultancy. (LinkedIn)

His fields include international logistics and maritime & port economics. He has worked for several international organizations and Governments. Initiator of Logistics Performance Index. He also heads the Finnish Logistics Surveys, which comprise the largest national logistics survey database in the world.

Since 2006, Project Director of five EU-projects with a combined volume of 16+ M€: e.g. HAZARD on Seaport Safety & Security in 2016-2019 and OIL SPILL on combatting coastal oil spills in 2018-2021.

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Prof. Juuso Töyli

strategy, supply chain performance and finance, network economics, business games

Assoc. Prof. Harri Lorentz

procurement capability, supply risk management, supply market intelligence

Assistant Prof. Tomi Solakivi

maritime business & policy, transport markets, logistics costs

Dr. Anu Bask

sustainability, supply chain management, logistics

Dr. Sini Laari

green supply chain management, sustainable supply

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Dr. Tuomas Kiiski

maritime economics, data analytics

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Dr. Vesa Kilpi

services, organizational learning

Dr. Jarmo Malmsten

project management, regional development

Doctoral student Oskari Rintala

supply chain management, decision-making, behavior change

Doctoral student Minna-Liina Ojala

(human) geography, knowledge creation processes, mobility

Research assistant Joonas Tamminen

Co-operating parties and projects

ResQU2 Project Platform

ResQU2 (2018–2020) project platform enhances the durability of learning experiences gained in ChemSAR, HAZARD, DiveSmart Baltic and Mirg-Ex projects on guidelines, operational plans and procedures and exercises related to incidents at sea and in ports.

The consortium comprises 10 partners from eight countries: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and The Netherlands. These partners are in a key role in their respective projects.



OIL SPILL (2019–2021) project enhances oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region at the levels of key responsible ministries, operative Competent Authorities, key NGOs, relevant Universities and the petrochemical industry.

  • 13 Project Partners from six countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden
  • University of Turku (FI) is the Lead Partner


logscale oy

InterTran Research Group

The INTERTRAN Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group for sustainable law and business hosted by University of Helsinki, Finland.

The group’s central idea is to contribute to sustainable development while maintaining a strong focus on a sustainable circular economy, international transport and global value chains. Particular attention is paid to the role of transport in sustainable development, but also other aspects of sustainable business are of interest.