Assoc. Prof. Jamal El Baz: Reflecting on COVID-19 outbreak and some SCM issues

Assoc. Prof Jamal El Baz, Ibn Zohr University

Reflecting on COVID-19 outbreak and some SCM issues

In his Linkedin post published on 2 May 2020, Dr. El Baz highlights and discusees two issues worth of further practical and theoretical investigation regarding supply chain management.

The first one is related to the short term post-covid-19 era and the distribution of vaccines, and the second one is related to organizational and national cultures in supply chain risk management (SCRM). El Baz notes, for instance, that when countries familiar with the outbreak of previous pandemics (e.g. SARS, MERS) adapted faster to COVID-19 prevention measures, also the reactions in companies in terms of SCRM probably varied accordingly.

Read El Baz’s text here.


Assoc. Prof. Jamal El Baz

Jamal El Baz is an associate professor of supply chain management and operations management at Ibn Zohr University in Morocco. As Fulbright fellow at College of Charleston in the U.S, he has published several papers in leading journals and served as a reviewer to several peer-reviewed journals.

El Baz’s main research interests include green supply chain management, sustainability, CSR and supply chain risk management.

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