Selected highlights


Opinion: The U.S. Medical Supply Chain Isn’t Ready for a Second Wave

Webinar on the Future of Global Freight Logistics Management post-COVID-19

  • The focus of this timely webinar is to discuss a range of perspectives from experts across the global freight logistics industry on what is likely to shape the sector through and post COVID-19.

ITF Covid-19 knowledge-sharing platform grows

  • Transport sector stakeholders are sharing more and more policy-relevant content on the ITF’s Covid-19 webspace.

The June issue of BIMCOS’s Bulletin magazine

  • Including: “Interview with Norden’s Jan Rindbo, forecasting a long road to recovery for shipping post-Covid-19” and “How Covid-19 is good for wildlife trafficking – for now”

Covid-19 Border Status in West Africa (movement of persons)

Baltic Ports Organization Board on COVID-19’s impact on the port industry


Eurocontrol Comprehensive Assesment of COVID-19’s Impact on European Air Traffic

According to EUROCONTROL the busiest airport in Europe is in Frankfurt. Please take a look of the terminal on a Wednesday morning 20 May 2020.

Google, Apple, and Facebook: Understanding Mobility during Social Distancing with Private Sector Data

Monitoring the Transport Policy Response to COVID-19 along the Regional Transport Network in Asia and the Pacific

ITF: Restoring air connectivity under policies to mitigate climate change

Free trade now: A case for tariff reductions and non-tariff measures simplifications to fight COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Global Survey on impact of COVID19 on ports: regional differences becoming more pronounced

Invitation to an online discussion on early lessons learned: The Impact of the Corona Crisis on International Logistics Networks

ITF – International Transport Forum (11 May): How badly will the Coronavirus crisis hit global freight?

Ti: Global Freight Forwarding Market Sizing 2020 COVID-19 Impact Analysis

IAPH & WSPS weekly Port Economic Impact Barometer Reports; by Prof. Theo Notteboom & Prof. ThanosPallis (PDF)

Prof. Rod Thomas: Post Pandemic Supply Chain Trends

Alcott Global: Collection of close to a hundred COVID-19 online tools, live tickers and information platforms

Container shipping updates by Mr. Lars Jensen, Denmark: Global container volumes declined 7.9% in March (7 May 2020)

Mr. Greg Miller, Senior Editor of FreightWaves, on the latest twists and turns in the tanker shipping market (6 May 2020)


IATA (28 April 2020): Immediate and Severe Air Cargo Capacity Crunch

IATA (14 April 2020): Updated Impact Assessment by Chief Economist Brian Pearce (PDF)

World Bank’s L. C. Rubiano & G. Darido (24 April 2020): Protecting public transport from the coronavirus… and from financial collapse

Mr. Mohit Joshi, Infosys Ltd. (20 April 2020): Who will be the winners in a post-pandemic economy?

Rail Group Staff Report (20 April 2020): Global railway industry response and impacts to the COVID-19 pandemic

Kühne Logistics University: Free Q&A Sessions on the Corona crisis

Sixfold statistics analysis (22 April 2020): Share of idling trucks in Europe almost triples, and border crossing times +26 %

UNCTAD 11-page report (16 April 2020) on Investment Promotion Agencies‘ respond to COVID19 pandemic (PDF)

UNCTAD 10-page report (April 2020): Adapting the use of of ASYCUDA World to the COVID-19 situation. Guidelines to customs administrations (PDF)

European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum: Focus Fridays, dialogue, insights & business reactions from supply chain leaders

Prof. Notteboom & Prof. Pallis for IAPH & WSPS (16 April 2020): Port Economic Impact Barometer (PDF)

UNCTAD Case Study (8 April 2020): China’s Trade Facilitation responses to COVID-19

Notteboom & Pallis for IAPH & WSPS (8 April 2020): Port Economic Impact Barometer (PDF)

New ITF (at the OECD) COVID-19 follow-up sites

New ITF (at the OECD) COVID-19 follow-up sites, Road Transport Platform