Prof. Ruth Banomyong: COVID-19 impact on Southeast Asian Economies 23/04/2020

Prof. Ruth Banomyong, Thammasat University

COVID19 impact on Southeast Asian Economies

In his presentation of six slides, Prof.  Banomyong summarizes some of the key economic, social and supply chain implications of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia based on very fresh empirical evidence and sources.

Download the presentation here.

Prof. Ruth Banomyong

Ruth Banomyong is currently Dean at the Faculty of Commerce & Accountancy (a.k.a. Thammasat Business School), Thammasat University in Thailand.

Banomyong’s main research interests are in the field of multimodal transport, international logistics, trade facilitation, national logistics development policies and supply chain performance. He also has a diploma to teach muay thai (thai boxing).

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