Communication and Cyber Security Engineering Lab

Our lab is part of the Department of Computing, University of Turku. The strategic goal of the lab is to apply research and technological development to societal digitalization and building a cyber secure information society.

Our core in research is communication and cyber security technologies in three application domains:

  • Autonomous vehicles and traffic
  • Smart city and cyber society
  • Health and well-being.

Communication System and Cyber ​​Security research in our lab concentrates on studying technologies for networked systems and applications of the communication-intensive future from the engineering and human points of view. The strategic goal of our research is to apply research and technological development to building a secure information society. We consider the basic elements for human well-being as the most fundamental drivers for pursuing this strategic goal, in which the technology-driven and human-driven development directions meet. This is pursued with an interdisciplinary approach, where innovations create active interaction between traditional scientific areas.


On-going Research and Development Activities:

The current on-going research and development activities in our lab include:

Autonomous systems: technologies, security, and communications

  • Intelligent controller, sensor Fusion, and communication design in heavy-duty truck
  • Low latency cyber security technology, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), fall-back mechanism, the concept of trust, GDPR

Human and societal cyber security

  • Security-awareness, Threat landscape analysis, cyber security culture
  • Cyber ​​security in digitalization, robotization and AI dominated world

Smart technology and digitalization

  • IoT communication and security, secure mobile platforms, Cryptography for resource-constrained applications
  • Explore, experiment, and Prototype technology-based approaches to make cities and environments smarter
  • Interactive framework for measuring and developing the workplace well-being

Cyber ​​security education

  • Design and develop cyber security culture within organizations
  • MOOC development to virtualize cyber security master level courses, Virtualization of cyber security Laboratories