Project log

October 2022: grants preparation towards French and EU projects inspired by DISRUPT.

September 2022: Participation to the Pan European duck conference. Sajjad obtained the 3rd best price for Poster presentation on his PhD work in Disrupt and Prescillia Lemesle obtained the 1st price for her MSc thesis presentation. Congrats to both!!

April to July: busy field season! + conferences for Sajjad and Amalie

March 2022: getting busy preparing the coming field season!

February 2022: Sajjad has joined our team at Turku university to study the incubation behaviour of Common Eider and Common Goldeneye by using artificial eggs provided by Scott Shaffer, US! Welcome at Turku 🙂

January 2022: Prescillia Lemesle is now at NTNU for 6 months, studying the trace elements in Female eider and their eggs.

December 2022: Juho visited Turku university and we took really nice pictures of eider egg shells.

And from July to March 2022, we have been analysing samples!!! Amalie has been travelling in Denmark (Aarhus university) and Norway (NTNU) for the past months, we are looking forward to have her back in Finland 😉 The first results are on their way, exciting time 😉

3rd to 6th of June: field work at Bengtskär! Last blood samples of the season 🙂 We collect blood samples at the end of the incubation from 10 late breeders.

10th to 20th of May: field work at Bengtskär, we collected blood samples from mid to late breeders, and 10 clutches to assess contaminant transfer from the females to the eggs

May: Sunniva and Juho are joining our team for 2 months as grantees funded by Turku university foundation, welcome 🙂 Sunniva conducts her MSc thesis on PFAS in Female eider and their eggs at NTNU.

27th to 30th of April: field work at Bengtskär, we collected blood samples from early breeders

1-3 February: presentation of the PhD project of Amalie at Oikos Finland

January- March: Training for Doctoral Thesis Supervision for Céline

January-February: Laboratory animal course followed by Amalie

25th of January: 1st PhD advisory committee of Amalie.

January: start of Amalie’s PhD, welcome to Turku!!

December: Laboratory animal course achieved by Céline

November: In ovo experiment training at NTNU for Amalie

October: Kick-off meeting of DISRUPT

September : Amalie Vigdel Ask was selected as the PhD student in our project.

The project started the 1st of September 2020.