Sanna Järvelä

Sanna Järvelä – Researching socially shared regulation in learning – why and how?

17.03.2021 14:00 - 16:30

There is global consensus that a new set of uniquely human skills and competencies will be necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. These skills and competencies are central to research on regulation of learning in collaborative contexts, namely socially shared regulation of learning. In my research I have been especially interested in how groups, and individuals in groups, can be supported to engage in, sustain, and productively regulate collaborative processes for better learning. In this talk I will introduce the theoretical progress in understanding socially shared regulation (SSRL) in learning and review how we have been collecting, analyzing and triangulating data about the regulation in collaborative learning. I will discuss the current methodological challenges and opportunities learning analytics has helped us trace and model SSRL processes.

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