Erno Lehtinen
Online Colloquium

In honor of Finnish educational science professor Erno Lehtinen’s lifetime accomplishments and enthusiasm in educational research, the ELOC presents a series of open online lectures given by world-leading experts on a variety of topics related to mathematics learning and instruction, expertise development, socio-cultural aspects of learning, educational technology, self-regulation, motivation, and research methodology. Special emphasis of the research colloquium is on novel approaches, recent findings, and exciting insights of future development in the fields of learning and instruction. The ELOC is organized by Mathematical Learning Research Group, Department of Teacher Education in University of Turku, Finland.



Past events

Emmanuel Acquah
Emmanuel Acquah: Western Knowledge vs Indigenous Knowledge in the Era of Immigration -
Andreas Gegenfurtner: Toward a cognitive theory of visual expertise -
Tomi Jaakkola
Tomi Jaakkola: Use of external representations in (science) learning: how to support learning, transfer and interest? -
Kai Pata
Kai Pata: Scaffolding in socio-technical systems -
Mirjamaija Mikkilä
Mirjamaija Mikkilä: How to support students to solve wicked problems in post-truth era? – From conceptual change to science literacy? -
Minna Hannula-Sormunen
Minna Hannula-Sormunen: The Origins and Educational Implications of Spontaneous Mathematical Focusing Tendencies -
Lasse Lipponen
Lasse Lipponen: Cultural-historical approach to emotions in institutional early childhood education and care -
Mari Murtonen: Supporting the development of university students’ scientific thinking skills: possibilities and problems. -
Päivi Häkkinen
Päivi Häkkinen – Computer-supported collaborative problem solving: Capturing skills and processes -
Sanna Järvelä
Sanna Järvelä – Researching socially shared regulation in learning – why and how? -
Patricia Alexander
Patricia Alexander – The power of patterns in thinking and reasoning: Implications for educational research and pedagogical practice -
Jon Star
Jon Star – New directions in the study of (and assessment of) mathematical flexibility -
Pierre Dillenbourg
Pierre Dillenbourg – The classroom is the digital system -
Sarama and Clements
Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama – From cognition to curriculum to scale: Learning trajectories for early math -
Elsbeth Stern
Elsbeth Stern – What exactly makes the difference? The impact of intelligence on academic learning -
Roger Saljo
Roger Säljö – Hybrid minds and sources of knowing: the sociomaterial nature of human cognition -
Lieven Verschaffel – Routine versus adaptive expertise in elementary mathematics education: the case of multi-digit subtraction -