Kuvaaja: Hanna Oksanen

Ethicomp 2022

26-28th July, 2022, Turku, Finland


As it seems that our world is reopening, we are happy to inform you that Ethicomp is held physically in Turku, Finland, July 26-28, 2022. We are not going to continue with the virtual conference as we see that there is a need for real participation where we can meet each other in person, and this cannot be achieved in a virtual conference. Because of this, if the situation (Covid-19 or other issues) prevents physical meeting, the conference will be postponed to 2023 – not turned to a virtual one anymore.

The theme of this Ethicomp is the “Effectiveness of ICT ethics – How do we help solve ethical problems in the field of ICT?” It is easy to pinpoint problems and state that something is ethically problematic. It is much harder to give proper suggestions on how to improve the situation through constructive and executable ideas.

So please stay tuned.



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