European Futures for Energy Efficiency (EUFORIE)

This project is supported by the European Commission Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No. 649342 EUFORIE

EUFORIE – exploring energy efficiency

The project EUFORIE studies energy efficiency from different perspectives by applying methodologies developed in previous EU FP6 and FP7 projects: “Development and Comparison of Sustainability Indicators” (DECOIN) and “Synergies in Multi-scale Inter-Linkages of Eco-social systems” (SMILE).

The results of these two projects have indicated the complexity of the issue of integrated assessment when dealing with the analysis of the performance of Socio-Ecological Systems. In particular that there are different interpretations of the concept of efficiency that can be quantified at different levels and at different spatial, temporal and functional scales.

For this reason, EUFORIE explores the potentialities of the adoption of suite of different analytical approaches providing new and useful information on energy efficiency at different levels and from different perspectives. It tests the potentialities of this approach on a series of case studies referring to different scales (choice of consumers, of firms, the city level, the regional level, country level, macro-economic regions such as EU and China). The insights obtained in the analysis of these case studies represent useful information and knowledge for the European Commission and for EU Member States in the field of energy efficiency.