Digital Poster

This year FINDOS Symposium digital poster session will be organized as “Read by title” presentations. All National FINDOS doctoral candidates and other researchers and research groups are invited to send their digital posters in PowerPoint presentation form that could be presented as “a read by title” presentation. The presentation will be viewable as a PowerPoint presentation on the spot on-screen during the breaks. The presentations are running automatically on the screens but it is recommended that the researcher could be at the place on Thursday 12 May 2022 at 11.00-11.30 in Arje Schein lecture hall for questions and discussions with other researchers.


  • The presentation should not include more than 3 slides.
  • The opening slide should display a straightforward title, name of the researcher and collaborators, affiliations, and some attractive image. The objective, materials, methods, results, and conclusions should not exceed more than 250 words, and they should be presented in a maximum of 2 slides.
  • Clinical patient cases can also be presented.
  • Submission of Posters (ppt) by 4 May 2022 to Coordinator Maiju Kannisto

We strongly encourage all study groups and researchers to present their studies at FINDOS Symposium!

If you want more information about the presentations, please contact Jaana Willberg (