Core research team


Mikael Mattlinin rintakuva.

Project Director
FIIA Research Professor, Senior Lecturer in International Politics
Mikael Mattlin
050 326 4253

Expertise: global governance, China’s foreign policy, economic statecraft, political systems

Scientific Advisor
Professor of Politics and International Studies, Leverhulme Major Research Fellow
Shaun Breslin

Expertise: Chinese political economy, global re-ordering, comparative regionalism

Senior Research Fellow
University lecturer, Docent

Senior Research Fellow
WP3 leader
Expertise: China’s domestic and foreign policy, security politics in East Asia, authoritarian governance, great power relations, national identity and nationalism

Senior Researcher
Liisa Kauppila
044 3110034

Expertise: China’s Arctic engagement, China and global processes of regionalisation, spatial aspects of China’s rise, futures research methods

Research Assistant
Ines Söderström

Research collaborators

Director of the Swedish National Knowledge Centre on China at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs
Björn Jerdén
+ 46-8-511 768 30

Expertise: China’s foreign policy, Europe-China relations, international security

Lecturer in the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies
Matt Ferchen

Expertise: Chinese domestic and international political economy, China-developing country relations, Chinese economic influence, US-Europe-China relations

Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Sub-project leader in Academy of Finland research consortium LEXSECURE
Mikko Rajavuori

Expertise: Economic law, corporate governance, investment screening law and policy, sustainability regulation


Doctoral candidate
Tero Poutala

Expertise: International and European economic law, international political economy, foreign investments