”Humans, Ticks and Insects in Multispecies Networks” Workshop

Humans, Ticks and Insects in Multispecies Networks, March 17-18, 2022

All times according to Finnish time (EET)

Abstract. Michaela Fenske

Abstracts. Humans and Ticks in the Anthropocene

March 17, 2022

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10 am: Opening of the Seminar, Laura Hollsten

10.15 am until 11.15 am: Keynote speech, Professor Michaela Fenske: Becoming Aware of Insects: Humanities in the Face of Crisis. Chair Laura Hollsten


Session 1

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11.30 am until 14.15 pm, chair: Tuomas Räsänen

11.30 am Tyler King: For the love of bees: pollinator education & placemaking in Australia’s urban environment

12 pm Anastasia Fedotova & Marina Loskutova: “Bees moved to a farmstead are less useful than one would wish”: the governmental policy on forest beekeeping in the Russian Empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Short break 15 minutes

12.45 pm Ferne Edwards: Making urban insects visible

13.15 pm Karine Aasgaard Jansen: Epidemic encounters: Mingling with mosquitoes in Réunion and Mauritius

13.45 pm Marianne Mäkelin: Mosquitoes as a matter of care and concern. The ontological politics of a global health intervention

Break 14.15 pm until 15 pm


Session 2

Meeting ID: 675 6625 3953

15 pm until 17.45 pm, chair: Sanna Lillbroända-Annala

15 pm Emily Webster: “If rats have a hand in the matter, we may as well capitulate at once”: The Bombay Plague Epidemic in Multispecies Perspective, 1896-1920

15.30 pm Minna Santaoja: Reconfiguring aggression: Living with awkward wasps

16 pm João Joaquim: Aphids, from agricultural pests to instruments in early twentieth-century plant virus research

Short break 15 minutes                                                 

16.45 pm Concepción Cortés Zulueta: Fly Eyes and Insect Vision in the Turn of the 20th Century: From Scientific Curiosity to Compound Menace

17.15 pm Sophie J. FitzMaurice: Economic Ontomology and the Anthropomorphization of Insects, c. 1865-1930


March 18, 2022

Session 3

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10.30 am until 13.15 pm, chair: Otto Latva

10.30 am Anna Mazanik: In fear of ticks: Austrian vaccination campaigns against tick-borne encephalitis in the 1970s-1980s

11 am Otto Latva: The Changed Perceptions of Ticks in the Finnish Public Discussion

Short break 15 minutes                                                 

11.45 am Laura Hollsten: The changing life history of ticks. Public, popular and private knowledge about Ixodes Ricinus

12.15 pm Sanna Lillbroända-Annala: Ticks and health. Practices of protection

12.45 pm Tuomas Räsänen: Humans, Ticks and the Conflict over Cervids

Break 13.15 pm until 14.00 pm


Session 4

Meeting ID: 692 0866 2532

14.00 pm until 17.15 pm, chair Laura Hollsten

14 am Ally Bisshop: Mythopoesis, speculation, divination, vibration: artistic methods for human-spider communication

14.30 pm Heidi Mikkola: Insects and affective aesthetics in wildlife documentary moving image

15 pm Jonathan Thornton: Using the Fantastic to Rethink Humanity’s Relationship To Insects In Johanna Sinisalo’s The Blood Of Angels and Kathleen Ann Goonan’s Nanotech Quartet

Short break 15 minutes

15.45 pm Kaisa Illukka: Apifilia and bees in visual arts – from symbolic representations to interspecies cooperation

16.15 pm Olli Pyyhtinen & Jirka Vierimaa: Multi-species Hospitality and Non-human Writing: Dance of Agency in Zhu Yingchun’s The Language of Bugs

16.45 pm Tekla Babyak: Literary Evocations of Insect Soundscapes: Temporal or Timeless?

Short break 15 minutes


17.30 pm until 18 pm Conclusions and ending of the Seminar: Tuomas Räsänen