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Conference Venue
Faculty of Law University of Turku, Calonia, Caloniankuja 3

September 7, 2023

9.30 – 10 Registration

10.00 – 11.30 Welcome and Keynote (Cal1006)

Professor Tuomas Mylly: ‘Digital Constitutionalism’ and Fundamental Rights: Reflections on Recent Legislative and Judicial Developments in the EU
Discussant: Associate professor Mika Viljanen 

11.30 – 11.45 Break / Coffee & tea

11.45 – 13.15 Parallel paper session 1 

Group 1 (Cal2111)

  • Daria Bulgakova: Doxing release of personal data online
    Discussant: Jakub Kozłowski 
  • Bertold Baranyi: Critical mass. The role of the lawyers and the professional chambers of the judiciary in the development of e-Administration (online)
    Discussant: Margaret Warthon 

Chair: Post-doctoral researcher Aleida Lujan Pinelo
Online participation:

Group 2 (Cal1006)

  • Carl Vander Maelen: GDPR Codes of Conduct and the Brussels Effect: The Extra-EU Repercussions of Intra-EU Soft Law
    Discussant: Sini Mickelsson
  • Quentin Loiez: Ensuring the European Union’s strategic autonomy in the new technological warfare
    Discussant: Damian Dobosz 

Chair: Post-doctoral researcher Jussi Jaakkola 

13.15– 14.15 Lunch (Calonia, 2nd floor)

14.15 – 17.00 Parallel paper session 2 (with coffee around 4 o’clock) 

Group 1 (Cal2111)

  • Jakub Kozłowski: EU regulation of artificial intelligence as a means of protecting human rights
    Discussant: Bertold Baranyi (online)
  • Margaret Warthon: Socio-technical approach to EU law transparency requirements for automated decision-making inbiometric recognition
    Discussant: Daria Bulgakova 
  • Martyna Pawłowska: The protection of personal interests in the view of socio-technological changes  in the Polish legal system
    Discussant: Zolta Buda

Chair: Professor Janne Salminen
Online participation:

Group 2 (Cal1006)

  • Áron Badinszky: Regulating the most disruptive technology – Understanding why AI should be sandboxed
    Discussant: Cynthia Chiarbonello
  • Damian Dobosz: Personalisation of the consumer protection law
    Discussant: Carl Vander Maelen
  • Cynthia Chiarbonello: Generative AI : Don’t forget about the Turing Test
    Discussant: Quentin Loiez 

Chair: Postdoctoral researcher Hanna Malik 

16.00 – 17.00 Administrative meeting (

18.30–21 Dinner, Restaurant Kakolanruusu, Graniittilinnankatu 2F, Turku

September 8, 2023

9.15 – 10.45 Parallel paper session 3

Group 1 (Cal1006)

  • Bruna de Castro e Silva: Beyond identification of potential risks: A reflection on remedies and redress for AI-related human rights harms
    Discussant: Virág Balogh 
  • Marina Fortuna: Blanket Prohibitions of Germline and Heritable Gene Editing as a Violation of Articles 12 and 15 of the ICESCR (online)
    Discussant: Rik Groteboer

Chair: Associate professor Mika Viljanen
Online participation:

Group 2 (Cal2111)

  • Mickelsson, Sini, Utilizing well-being data in multi-operator environments: A study on the Finnish Client Data Act
    Discussant: Argyro Chatznikolaou 
  • Livia Siclari: Big Data: challenges for consumer protection and data law
    Discussants: Áron Badinszky 

Chair: University Lecturer Daniel Acquah 

10.45– 11.00 Break / Coffee & Tea

  • 11.00– 12.30 Parallel paper session 4

Group 1 (Cal1006)

  • Virág Balogh: The role of consumer protection in a fast-changing digital environment
    Discussant: Marina Fortuna (online)
  • Rik Groteboer: Towards Licensing: How Generative AI-Art Exposes the Flaws of the Text and Data Mining Exception
    Discussant: Bruna de Castro e Silva 

Chair: Associate professor Mika Viljanen
Online participation:

Group 2 (Cal2111)

  • Argyro Chatznikolaou: ‘Keep children away from online porn’: age (of majority) verification through a children’s rights lens
    Discussant: Livia Siclari 
  • Bui, Nguyen Tra My: Liability of Blockchain Developers: Regulation in the European Union and the United States (online)    
    Discussant: Zolta Buda    

Chair: Postdoctoral researcher Lauri Luoto
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12.30 – 13.30 Lunch, Restaurant Grädda, Piispankatu 15, Turku

13.30– 15.00 Keynote and wrap-up (Cal1006)

Professor Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich (Roma Tre University): Law and socio-technical change: A retrograde view
Discussant: Associate professor Mika Viljanen 

For questions, please contact the organizers

Kirsi Tuohela +358 50 329 0514

Mika Viljanen +358 40 593 4210