Nordic Approaches to Archaeological Education

2021 Conference
25th of November

Nordic Approaches to Archaeological Education (NAAE)

Nordic Approaches to Archaeological Education November 25th, 2021

Participation in the conference remotely is possible via Zoom

Meeting ID: 616 1088 0292
Passcode: naae2021

Geotalo / Lecture hall 111

10.00-10.10 Opening words: Krappala, Kim

10.10-10.30 Marila Marko & Ilves, Kristin: Long-term Degree Program Success in Maritime Archaeology

10.30-10.50 Krappala, Kim: Archaeological Thinking in the History Class

10.50-11.10 Toreld, Christina: “We Look at Old stones and Learn About Maths” – Using Archaeology and Cultural Heritage as a Teaching Medium in Multiple Ways

11.10-11.30 Austvoll, Knut Ivar: Possibilities and Challenges with Practical ‘Outdoor Education’ in a New Digital Age

11.30-11.50 Johansson, Marianne: An Old Port by the Sea: the City of Son and Contributions to Archaeological Education

12.00-13.00 Lunch break

13.10-13.30 Aalto, Ilari & Kemppinen, Lauri: Representations of Prehistory in Finnish Elementary School History Books

13.30-13.50 Aslesen, Elisabeth: The Future Past: Bridging Public Administration, Academia, and Schools

13.50-14.10 Immonen, Visa, Ala-Nissilä, Christiane & Aalto, Silja: Digital Archaeology as a Platform for Educational Collaboration

14.10-14.30 Dutra Leivas, Ivonne: Could an Archaeo-didactical Approach Be Able to Fill the Gap Between Theory, Practice, and Content?

14.30-14.50 Aalto, Ilari & Jokela Janna: Connecting with the Past in the Urban Context

Coffee break  15:00-15:30

Zoom-session 15:30-17:00

15:30- 15:50 Äikäs, Tiina, Ahola, Marja, Seitsonen, Oula & Moilanen, Ulla:

Archaeology as part of Early Childhood Education: Examples from Day-care Centres in Finland

15.50-16.10 Heinonen, Tuuli: Learning Objectives in Archaeological Fieldwork Education – an Example from the University of Helsinki

16.10-16.30 Grahn Danielson, Benjamin & Kulbay Gülbin: Potter’s Workshop – Clay as a Teaching Tool at an Archaeological Agency

16:30-16:50 Väisänen, Teemu: Conflict Archaeology in Schools: Discussing Dark Heritage Through Material Culture