Practical information

Registration, traveling and accommodation costs

The conference panels and events, including the conference dinner on Friday evening, are free to attend for all participants whose proposals have been accepted.

Traveling and accommodation costs should be covered by the participants themselves.



Kuvaaja: Hanna Oksanen

We welcome you to Turku, the oldest city in Finland. Turku was founded in the 11th century, and has been one of the most important and influential cities of Finland ever since. During the period of Finland’s history, when the country was under Swedish rule, Turku was the focal point of the Eastern part of the Swedish realm. When the power balances changed around the Baltic Sea, and the territories of current-day Finland were conquered by the Russian empire in 1809, the capital city of the Grand-Duchy of Finland was moved to Helsinki. In addition to moving the capital to a more Eastern location, the University founded in Turku was also moved to Helsinki in 1827, after a devastating fire broke out in Turku. 

Information about Turku may be found here and on the other pages of this website:


The University of Turku

The University of Turku, founded in 1920 after the 1917 independence of Finland, is the country’s first fully Finnish-speaking university. The University is known for its high quality and multidisciplinary research, as well as its vibrant and international atmosphere. The University of Turku is Finland’s third largest University, and has around 22 000 students, as well as circa 3 300 members of staff. The University consists of 8 faculties and 5 independent units.  

The main campus of the University is located near the city center, around the Yliopistomäki (University hill), and has parts of its campus located in cities near Turku.



The conference venues are all on the campus of the University of Turku. The registration and information desk will be in the main hall of the Publicum building.

The best way to navigate Turku and the campus area is through Google Maps. The city is relatively compact, and the participants can easily walk between the conference venues and the main hotels.

The conference venues are at the following place on Google Maps:





Turku School of Economics

Turku Town Hall

You can also print and have available the Campus Map available on the University’s website.


The Turku City hall

The Turku City Hall is located within walking distance from the University.



Turku is full of nice hotels and accomodation possibilities. In order to provide participants with an easy way to secure accommodation, we have organised an allotment of reservations in
the Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa. The hotel is close to the Kupittaa railway station and to the university campus. Rates include breakfast, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), VAT and guest sauna. This allotment is available until 11.05.2023. All guests pay for the room reservations themselves.

You will have to quote an allotment code when making your booking: send an email to the conference email in order to receive this allotment code.

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers if you have any questions.


Restaurants and cafes

Top Tips for Restaurants and Cafes in Turku  

In this list we have condensed some of the many wonderful restaurants Turku has to offer, in the name of convenience. For a more elaborate list, consider visiting Eat & Drink – All restaurants listed have vegetarian and vegan options, and in most cases a gluten free option is possible.  

  • The Market Hall. If You wish to experience a small piece of essential Finnish (and Turku-ish) culture, the Market Hall is the place to go! It offers anything and everything from fresh fish, local vegetarian food, baked goods to Thai food. During lunch hours (11-15?) many delicious and affordable options can be found. Turku Market Hall – Kauppahalli  
  • Di Trevi. In the mood for some Mediterranean ambience in northern Europe? Di Trevi offers great Tapas and Drinks, accompanied with a relaxed atmosphere. Etusivu – Ravintola di Trevi  
  • Blanko. Blanko has grown to be almost a concept among locals, and offers uncomplicated fusion food in a central location on the riverbank.  
  • Nerå. If You feel like taking a longer walk along the river Aura, You might end up by Nerå – and a stop for some lunch or dinner is highly recommended. Wonderful Mediterranean food with a Finnish twist – best enjoyed on the heated terrace by the river. Nerå (  
  • Grädda. The restaurant Grädda is located in a beautiful Empire-style house from 1832, and is close to the University and Campus. Enjoy a seasonal lunch that incorporates French, Finnish and Swedish cuisine! Grädda – Välkommen till Restaurang Grädda! ( –  
  • Kakolanruusu. Perhaps Turku’s most exiting location for a restaurant: a former prison! Swing by for a drink or some delicious food (most of it cooked on an open fire!).  
  • Kaskis. A small high-quality restaurant, with a big character. Tervetuloa Kakolaan – Ravintola Kakolanruusu  
  • Kuori food and wine. A modern vegetarian restaurant with a great atmosphere and even greater food. The majority of the food on the menu is vegan, and the ingredients are locally sourced. Ravintola Kuori  
  • Panimoravintola Koulu. Situated in an old school building (hence the name Koulu = School) is one of Finland’s biggest breweries/restaurants. Home brewed beers and ciders are available, as well as some uncomplicated (but delicious!) food to accompany it. Etusivu – Panimoravintola Koulu 
  • Hügge. High quality vegetarian food made from high quality ingredients – what more can one ask for! [HÜGGE] — Vegetarian food for everybody ( 
  • Zaké Pizzeria & Wine Bar. Located directly by the sea, a pizzeria run by Finland’s pizzamaker of the year 2017 – a pizzeria like no other. Accessible via waterbus, and open from the 24th of May. Zaké Pizzeria & Wine Bar – Ruissalon Telakka  
  • Unica-restaurants. An important part of life in and around the University of Turku – the canteens located all over the Campus. Affordable, delicious and a walking distance from the University. –