COST Action CA17117 – Towards an international network for evidence-based research in clinical health research

Main responsible partner in Finland
Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku
Maritta Välimäki, RN, PhD

Finnish Management Committee members
Professor Maritta Välimäki (UTU)
Professor Risto Roine (UEF)
Dr Arja Holopainen (Nursing Research Foundation, substitute member)
Dr Heidi Parisod (Nursing Research Foundation, substitute member)
Dr Tella Lantta (UTU, substitute member)

Action lead
Professor Hans Lund, PT, PhD
Department of Mental Health
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

VBRES is an Action designed to establish an international network to raise awareness of the Evidence-Based Research (EBR) approach, i.e. the need for systematic reviews when planning new studies and when placing new results in context. This encourages researchers to implement systematicity and transparency in all research phases and make sure that research conducted is valuable. The action takes place in years 2018-2022 involving over 40 countries.


  • To encourage researchers and other stakeholders to use an EBR approach while carrying out and supporting clinical research.


  • Networking activities organized along four themes each with own working group: Dissemination & implementation, EBR methods, Systematic review efficiency, Meta-research on EBR implementation.
  • The activities in the Action include collaboration meetings, engaging key stakeholders, publications, training schools, conferences, online handbook and research on research.


EVBRES will contribute to preventing redundant research that leads to the waste of time, resources and money. Implementing EBR approach promotes clinical research to be ethical, relevant and worthwhile.

Full description of the COST Action


COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.