Development and testing the effectiveness and feasibility of a structured violence risk management intervention to support safety in psychiatric hospitals (DASA-P)


Tella Lantta, RN, PhD
Postdoctoral researcher (Academy of Finland)
+358 50 4756068
This research study focuses on two major problems in psychiatric hospital care: patient violence and lack of patient engagement. Interventions already exist for managing patient violence. However, the challenge in using these interventions is poor integration to clinical practice and these methods do not entail elements of patient engagement.


  1. To develop and test new structured intervention for violence risk management


  • New structured intervention based on the DASA (Dynamic Appraisal of Situational Aggression, Ogloff & Daffern 2006) will be developed using Intervention Mapping protocol together with staff and patients. Quasi-experimental design is used to test the intervention in 4 month period in 2 psychiatric hospital units. Change in violent incidents, use of coercive methods, patient engagement and self-determination will be evaluated in pre-post measurements.


  1. Expected benefits of the study is to increase safety in care environments and engagement of patients.


Academy of Finland (Postdoctoral Researcher, decision 316206), year 2019-2022