Evidence-based Leadership in Nursing

Principal investigator

Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku
Maritta Välimäki, RN, PhD

Team members

Maija Satamo, Project researcher
Tella Lantta, Postdoctoral researcher (Academy of Finland), administrative contact person
Jaakko Varpula, Doctoral candidate


The role of nurse leaders is important in ensuring a high quality of care, patient outcomes and organisational efficiency. However, the decisions made by nurse leaders are often based on personal experience, intuition, and views and this could be improved. It is important for them to understand the role of evidence-based knowledge in practice.

This educational project focuses on nurse leaders’ ability to adapt approach of evidence-based leadership in health care settings and increase teachers’ skills to produce advanced level leadership education programs at the universities. The project bridges the gap between the need of academically educated nurse leaders in health services and the high-quality education system by developing and testing training program for advanced evidence-based leadership to solve complex leadership and management problems in health care organisations. The project takes place in years 2020-2023.


  • To develop nurses’ leadership capacities in collaboration with higher education academic universities and clinical practice in Finland and China


  • Working groups (1 international, 2 national working groups) will be established in both countries including master and doctoral students, researchers, and teachers.
  • Online course related to nurse leadership
  • 7 Modules and the final assignment
  • Total duration of the course – 6 months


This project responds to an urgent service and educational need and wider implications of cooperation between the disciplines, educational organisations, teachers, students, and countries.


Central South University, Xiangya Nursing School (China)
Xianhong Li, Associate Dean, PhD, RN,
Jiarui Chen, PhD, RN
Xiangya Hospital of Central South University (China)
Liqing Yue, Nursing Director, PhD,RN,
Lingli Peng, Head nurse, MSN, RN


The project is supported by Finnish National Agency of Education, Asia Programme 2020.