Mental Health Nursing Science

Mental Health Nursing Science

Research in mental health nursing science focuses on topical health policy issues related to the research and development of mental health and substance abuse services and service systems and support for the mental health of the population.

Our research always focuses on people – consumers and their loved ones, as well as health care professionals. We value involvement in research, which is why students, consumed groups and healthcare personnel at different stages are welcome to participate in our research projects.

Our research focuses on the quality of care, the development, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of new technologies and interventions. Our research projects are multidisciplinary and involve both national and international partners. We also provide continuing education for staff related to short-term violence risk assessment (DASA, DASA-P, DASA-YV and DASA-WV versions).

Our research programme has three main sub-groups:

  1. Reducing the use of coercion in mental health settings
  2. Research and development of the mental health and substance abuse service system
  3. Supporting the mental health of the population

Some examples of our current studies are 1) eDASA+APP FI, focusing on integrating Finnish version of electronic short-term violence risk assessment and management intervention to Apotti, 2) DASA-YEV, developing and testing a new tool to help staff assess and manage the risk of violence together with juveniles with mental health needs,  3) Service system and care pathway of forensic psychiatry patients and their development: Views of patients and treatment providers, and 4) Psychosocial health and wellbeing of people who inject drugs (Terveysneuvontapistetutkimus).

Researchers in national and international networks

Our researchers are members of central national and international networks in mental health care:

National network for reducing coercion in care (

  • Maiju Björkqvist, chairperson
  • Tella Lantta, network member
  • Mirva Sundqvist-Kekäläinen

European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group – EViPRG (

  • Tella Lantta, board member
  • Riitta Askola, member

COST ACTION FOSTREN – Fostering and Strengthening Approaches to Reducing Coercion in European Mental Health Services (

  • Tella Lantta, scientific communication manager, core group and management group member

International Association for Forensic Mental Health Services – IAFMHS (

  • Tella Lantta, chair of the Nursing SIG
  • Riitta Askola, member of the Nursing SIG

Main partners of the research group:

HUS Psykiatria (HUCH Psychiatry)

Helsingin kaupunki (City of Helsinki)

Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Forensic Behavioural Sciences

Humana, Nuorisokoti Satama (Youth Foster Care Center Satama)

Niuvanniemen sairaala (Niuvanniemi Forensic Mental Health Hospital)


The Finnish Work Environment Fund

The Finnish Nursing Education Foundation sr

Mental Health Bluskies, University of Turku, Faculty of Medicine

TYKS Foundation

Head of the Programme

Tella Lantta University Lecturer