Mental Health Nursing Science

Mental Health Nursing Science

In this research programme, we are interested in supporting wellbeing of persons with mental illnesses and improve treatment outcomes in mental health services. Our research focuses on the quality of health and social care, development and implementation of modern interventions, and outcome assessment. We are also interested in mental health education and literacy, and how to adapt modern technology to increase citiznes’ self-management skills. Our ambition lies in implementing and evaluating eHealth and health technology e.g. including SMS and games in patient care.

Some examples of our current studies are how to develop human treatment culture in mental health services, preventive approaches for aggressive events at psychiatric hospitals and at school environment. Further, we are interested in developing and testing the effectiveness of different learning methods with modern health technology at health care organizations and communities, as well as supporting co-operation and work satisfaction among staff.

Our central approaches are evidence-based knowledge and user-centered methods. All our project are conducted in collaboration with different disciplines and partners at regional, national and international level. We value inclusive approach in research. Therefore, students at different study phases, different user groups and staff are more than welcome to join our projects.

Head of the Programme

Tella Lantta University Lecturer

Projects led by Dr Lantta

Projects led by Dr Mishina

Projects led by Professor Välimäki