Development teaching practice guidance in changing learning environments in Early Childhood Teacher Education – OHOSKE

The OHOSKE network gathers national and international research based information and education of teacher training practice guidance in various learning environments.  OHOSKE network develops and clarifies the objectives and content of teacher training practice guidance. The network provides oneline material, seminars and research to teacher educators, students and researchers.

The OHOSKE network is a development project in Early Childhood Teacher Education supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project involves the University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, the University of Jyväskylä, the University of Oulu, the University of Tampere and University of Turku. We also cooperate with Åbo Akademi, other projects and universities.

Read about OHOSKE’s aim to develop mentoring practices in early childhood teacher education in Research about ECEC blog (ISSN 2814-9661)


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