Nordic ChiCaP

Nordic Childhood Cancer Predisposition Network
Research Collaboration

Addressing technical, clinical, psychological, social, and ethical challenges in genetic testing and clinical care in pediatric cancer.


Parallel Studies

STAGING – Sequencing Tumor and Germline DNA—Implications and National Guidelines
Danish psychosocial sub-study

PROTECT – Precision Oncology Targeting Early life Cancer diagnosis and Therapy
Norwegian germline project

ChiCaP – Childhood Cancer Predisposition
Swedish nationwide genetic and psychosocial research project


Other Collaborators

SCOPE – Survey on Cancer Predisposition Identification & Observation Practice in Europe

PREDICT and PRISM from Australia
DHECIPR from Belgium
REFLECT from Netherlands


International Organizations

SIOP Europe – The European Society for Paediatric Oncology
HGWG – Host Genome Working Group


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