A Catalog of quasar properties from SDSS DR14: Supplementary material

Rakshit et al. (2020), ApJS, accepted for publication in ApJS ( ArXiv )

This page provides supplementary material of quasar properties presented in Rakshit et al. (2020). We present measurements of the spectral properties for a total of 526,265 quasars selected from the fourteenth data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-DR14) quasar catalog. We performed a careful and homogeneous analysis of the SDSS Spectra of these sources, to estimate the continuum and line properties of several emission lines such as Hα, Hβ, Hγ, Mg ii, C iii], C iv and Lyα. From the derived emission line parameters, we estimated single-epoch virial black hole masses (MBH) for the sample using Hβ, Mg ii, and C iv emission lines. The sample covers a wide range in bolometric luminosity (logLbol; erg s – 1) between 44.4 and 47.3 and logMBH between 7.1 and 9.9 M⊙.


Here, you will find the entire spectral catalog in the FITS format. Moreover, spectral fitting plots (PDF format) and model components (FITS format) for each DR14 quasars are provided. 

  • The main catalog (“ dr14q_spec_prop.fits ”) is based on the spectral information from this study consisting of 274 columns, which are described in Table B4.
  • An extended catalog (“ dr14q_spec_prop_ext.fits ”) where all the columns of DR14Q (Paris et al. 2018) are appended after the main catalog (ie, after column # 274). The extended catalog has a total of 380 columns.
  • Spectral fitting plots of individual quasars.

Download the catalog, Plots, and models


Fig: Bolometric luminosity vs. redshift. The 20, 40, 68 and 95 percentile density contours along with density maps are shown. The redshift and bolometric luminosity distributions are also shown for the DR14 quasars sample (empty histogram, this work) along with the DR7 quasars (filled histogram, S11). A large number of high redshift and low luminous quasars were targeted by DR14 compared to DR7.
Fig: Eddington ratio vs. black hole masses for all quasars in the catalog. The dashed lines represent the median of the distribution. The 20, 40, 68, and 95 percentile density contours along with the density map are shown. Only sources with quality flag = 0 are included.