DemoDay 2023 in Turku

Today was DemoDay here in Turku, a unique event in Finland where 1200 high school students visited our higher education institutions and were able to learn a little more about our teaching and research areas. After being successfully tested last year, this year’s event has been greatly expanded: there were more than 60 demos and participants were able to choose their favorite topics.

At the University of Turku, for example, Smart Systems and TIERS joined forces and presented 5 demos in robotics. In these demos, the students were able to get in touch with fundamental concepts of robotics such as sensors, actuators, control and coding, in a very accessible way.

In Smart Systems demos, we deployed our fleet of Create® 3 from iRobot, while TIERS brought in their squadron of drones.

Introducing teenagers to the fundamentals of robotics and coding is important not only to encourage them to pursue engineering careers, but also to allow these young minds to have a better understanding of the devices and machines that are part of their daily lives.

Okay, but did they like the demos?

At the end, we carried out a poll to find out if the participants liked the event. The answer was clear-cut: 100% approval!