Stay in Turku!

Stay in Turku

Cutting-edge technology projects. Leading life-science expertise. Clean solutions for global markets. World-class research opportunities. The most employee-friendly working hours. And so much more.

Welcome to Turku – the city at the centre of the most dynamic and innovative business region in Finland. The (b)oldest city in Finland, Turku represents science, culture, and sustainable development. Here are our top 5 reasons to STAY in Turku!

1. Economic growth leading to new opportunities

Here in Southwest Finland, there is a serious need for professionals across widely different fields. The growth outlook for our core industries – tech, health, and manufacturing – radiates the economic boom out to several other sectors, such as construction and the service sector. Demand for international expertise means that the number of positions that do not require Finnish or Swedish language skills is increasing.

2. A true work-life balance

With award-winning restaurants, a thriving local arts scene, and spectacular nature on the doorstep, you need some time to enjoy it all! Fortunately, there is a lot of flexibility and freedom in a Finnish workplace, and the work culture here is all about quality, rather than quantity. The latest European Company Survey ranks Finland number one for most employee-friendly working hours. This may explain why Finland currently holds the top position in the UN Happiness Report, for the sixth year in a row!

3. A city that speaks your language

As a city of 200 000 people, Turku is large enough to have comprehensive services for international talents. The City of Turku provides information on services such as immigration, healthcare and recreational activities in English and many other languages, in order to make your transition to living and working here as smooth as possible. Of course, learning Finnish is a big help – and there is always a spot waiting for you on a Finnish language course!

4. Family matters

Finland is often judged one of the best places in the world to be a child, due to its safety, healthcare and, of course, its world class education system. Here in Turku, we have it all – top day care for small children, excellent schools for pupils and high-end universities for students.

In our region, education and industry expertise come together to create the STEAM Turku path, which aims to inspire learners to face the challenges of the future by developing new ways of teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Read more about this initiative by visiting Career in Southwest Finland!

5. Join our network

As an international talent in Turku, you are not alone. Whether you have moved here to start a new job, or you are still looking for the right opportunity, there is an active community of like-minded peers to rely upon for support. The Talent Turku programme connects international talents through social media, networking events and career development workshops.

We welcome you to join the Talent Turku LinkedIn Group and start growing your network!


Next you will find our experts and alumni encouraging you of coming to Finland and especially to Turku!

International Turku Alumni Filipe Lopez:

“What really helps is having a team. And that’s in my opinion, what I believe: Turku shines. This is a city of opportunity and a city of networking.”

“Do NOT start with grammar when you are trying to learn Finnish. Start by listening! Really listen as much as you can.”

Expert Yulia Santonen:

“Two most important things you can do is to get to know how the Finnish system works and learn the Finnish language.”

International Turku alumni Giancarlo Méndez Agreda

Adjust your CV to the Finnish way. After doing that, I started receiving more calls from potential employers!”

International Turku alumni Meghadipa Goswami:

“I think the City of Turku offers great opportunities for international talents in the biotechnology as well as in the diagnostics industry. Since it is a student city, it might also be a great place to start your professional career as a student.”


There were many reasons why Meghadipa Goswami, a research assistant at ArcDia International Ltd., was drawn to pursue her Master’s Degree in Turku. One of them was gender equality and all the opportunities it provides. After living all her life in two of the biggest and busiest cities in India, she feels that in Turku, she can focus on what’s important.

Click the video below to hear more about why Meghadipa decided to study and stay in Turku!


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