SURE – sustainable, responsible and innovative Metaverse

A set of sustainable, user-friendly, responsible and ethical (SURE) Metaverse platforms

Interactively and co-creatively designed and developed for finding sustainable, responsible and innovative solutions for any local and global challenges and opportunities.

SURE supports the emergence of innovations (novel products, services, processes, markets, etc.) better than conventional F2F-based innovation processes – thus it facilitates the broader transformation toward sustainable and responsible local and global businesses in the 2020s and 2030s.

In the immersive Metaverse Expanding Reality, the not-yet-experienced situations and to-be-practiced interactions, imaginations and aspirations intertwine in multiple human-machine-machine connections.

SURE platform is consisted of three separate but connected platforms:

  • Identifying platform –> what is the challenge or opportunity?
  • human with machine (HwM) crowdsourcing identifies whatever relevant challenge or opportunity locally and globally – any person or machine from any location in the world can suggest a challenge or opportunity that needs to be addressed – the machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) supported system identifies and clusters these challenges or opportunities into meaningful connected topics (for example, along the UN SDGs: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Processing platform –> how the challenge or opportunity can be answered?
  • the earlier identified and clustered ideas regarding challenges and opportunities are co-creatively developed and processed toward innovations in virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) environments – simulated environment and the world are experienced through portable VR devices and blended immersions between physical environment, people and mixed reality – in this non-hierarchical and interactive platform each participant can use one’s preferred language for interactive communication
  • Solving platform –> how the challenge or opportunity is solved by sustainable responsible business and generating meaningful local and global short- and long-term impacts?
  • early-stage innovations are developed into innovative products and services that are tested in augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) environments to produce sustainable, user-friendly, responsible a ethical solutions for the market creating sustainable business



  • think SURE, use SURE and be SURE through the SURE platform
  • ensure sustainable, user-friendly, responsible and ethical transformation of enterprises, communities. societies and the world
  • provide a set of interactive and co-creative Metaverse-based platforms to identify, process and solve local and global challenges and opportunities sustainably, responsibly and innovatively
  • generate major local and global business opportunities for sustainable, responsible and innovative development
  • extend enterprises’ value-added network to recognize better the needs, opportunities and markets and the related stakeholders beyond the enterprises’ current business ecosystems

Project design

  • CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: innovation generation processes in the SURE Metaverse will be better than in the F2F encounters and they help to identify opportunities to solve the challenges and bring beneficial impacts.
  • PROTOTYPE DESIGN: feasibility study with verification of the feasibility of the concepts and ideas.
  • RESEARCH DESIGN: development of means to support the innovation process and supporting the companies to utilize the SURE Metaverse platform.
    a) Optional plugin path: Additional features related to innovation development for the existing Metaverse platforms such as Meta, Microsoft, Blender, etc.)
    b) Alternative from scratch path: Building a multi-user environment and on top of that building additional features that support innovation development
  • COMMERCIALIZATION DESIGN: ensuring the SURE Metaverse platform development’s continuity using Open Source and crowdsourcing principles.
    a) Optional plugin path: Building additional innovation areas in the existing Metaverse platforms (such as Meta, Microsoft, Blender, etc.)
    b) Alternative from scratch path: Building a focused Metaverse application for identified specific innovation chain needs.
    c) Hybrid path: make use of both the general Metaverse as well as the specific applications when necessary.


  • The SURE platform is interested in receiving external funding from public and private sources from Finland and abroad both for basic research supporting the conceptual framework and for applied technology development and design
  • Funding for the early stages of the SURE platform development has been received from the Finnish state technology agency Business Finland (related BF-funded co-creation projects BIIDEA, and DIGILEAC, and the University of Turku in Finland


The situation as of April 2023

  • Conceptual framework of Expanding Reality (ER) in the Metaverse
  • Analysis of the state-of-the art in Metaverse-related research (as of beginning of 2023)
  • Methodological framework for the ethics of the Metaverse
  • Proof-of-concept of the SURE processing platform (under design)
  • Gathered and used over 200,000 EUR for development and design
  • Interaction with tens of key technology- and innovation-oriented enterprises for their needs in the Metaverse (including attending the GITEX Global event)

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