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Sustainability Engineering

Graduate level thematic module (20 ECTS)



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What You’ll Learn

The Sustainability Engineering coursework will familiarise you with the challenges of the Global South and how to engineer sustainable solutions to the problems, together with the problem owners in a community in Namibia.

You will stay a period of 6-7 weeks in the community, working with a team of students from diverse fields and backgrounds. You can apply the insights of world-class experts that you will meet at the orientation course before the field work. After the concrete period in an African context, you will deepen your observations as a reflective diary. Finally, we expect you to co-author a peer-reviewed analysis of your coursework.

In concrete, after completing the course you will be

  • Aware of the key challenges that sustainability poses for engineering
  • Able to integrate sustainability to their research and praxis
  • Able to design and craft sustainable engineering solutions together with stakeholders
  • You will learn to work in an intercultural environment where you learn by doing but also by being.


Course management:

Portrait of Erkki Sutinen
Erkki Sutinen Professor: University of Turku
Head of University of Turku Windhoek Campus
+264 81 264 81 838 5695
Portrait of Tomi BGT Suovuo
Tomi “bgt” Suovuo Doctor: University of Turku
Coordinator and Contact Person
Lannie Uwu-khaeb
Lannie Uwu-khaeb Campus Coordinator: University of Turku, Windhoek Campus

Introductory Lectures will be given by:

Portrait of Alfredo Terzoli
Alfredo Terzoli Emeritus Professor: Rhodes University, South Africa
Portrait of Emmanuel Awuni Kolog
Emmanuel Awuni Kolog Senior Lecturer: University of Ghana
"Data science for development"
Portrait of Jacob Nielsen
Jacob Nielsen Associate Professor: University of Southern Denmark
"Robotics at K12"
Portrait of Lorenzo Cantoni
Lorenzo Cantoni Professor: Università della Svizzera italiana
“Sustainable fashion by digital technology”
Portrait of Marco Zennaro
Marco Zennaro Research Scientist: Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy
"IoT4D and tiny machine learning"
Portrait of Marcus Duveskog
Marcus Duveskog Director: Contextualized Learning Solutions Western Cape
Portrait of Satu Miettinen
Satu Miettinen Dean and Professor: University of Lapland
Portrait of Silvia Gaiani.
Silvia Gaiani Senior Researcher: Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki.
"Sustainable food production"
Portrait of Tim Unwin
Tim Unwin Emeritus Professor: Royal Holloway, University of London
Portrait of Ville Myllynpaa
Ville Myllynpää Doctoral student: University of Turku
"Business models for sustainable technologies"