Dining Flow

What is Dining Flow? 

Dining Flow is a project addressing to enhance diners’ and service providers’ experiences and to increase sustainability in Self Service Restaurants (SSR). We achieve the aim by offering to the service providers tangible data-driven decision support tools and solutions that emerge from studying the diners’ activities and experiences in conjunction with data obtained from SSR stakeholders, SSR equipment and surrounding environment (i.e. buildings and their users).

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Who is involved? 

We are a transdisciplinary team formed by seven Finnish companies (KONE, Haltian, Jamix, Smartkichen, Safera, Metos, SYK), one international organization (Sodexo), and a multidisciplinary academic team from University of Turku (involving Department of Computing, Mechanical Engineering, Functional Foods Forum, Business School and Flavoria). The project is coordinated by the Software Engineering Group within the Department of Computing.


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Business Finland has granted 2 M€ funding for the project, under the Veturi framework program. The project takes place during 2023-2025.